The Pursuit Of Happiness

How often do we hear people say: “I just want to be happy.” or “I want to live a happy life.”

But what does that mean? I invite you to just reflect and think about this topic. Happiness became a very superficial and generalized term. How do we specify this term? What does happiness mean?

  • Wealth?
  • Health?
  • Success?
  • Purpose?
  • Contentment?
  • Gratefulness?
  • Kindness?

How can we ever live a happy life when there’s loss, betrayal, failure etc.?

How can we be happy all the time?

Does being lucky mean being happy?

“Oh, no,” somebody points out to me “luck is of short duration.” “And happiness is a state?” I ask back. Pause. “Are you happy?” I follow up relentlessly. “Most of the time…” I’m told stammering and, “I guess, I get your point.”

As life is in motion, so are our E-motions and that’s totally OK!

In my opinion happiness is nothing to be pursuit but visiting us voluntarily numerous times a day. If we are fully present we are able to experience and enjoy those moments fully. A slideshow of happy daily snap-shots is the fuel for surviving hard times. Good memories are anchors that can be activated whenever needed during down-times. 

Happiness is a collection of moments filled with laughter, joy, pride, achievements, rewards (bouquets and compliments) and more. Happiness can be a second of meeting another person’s smiling eyes. 

Happiness cannot be a state, as enlightenment cannot be a state. We are here on earth to learn and grow and not to become superior to and look down on somebody. We’re here to share and help each other.

Living a fulfilled life cannot be achieved by chasing after happiness, but the insight that amidst chaos there can be balance and that life-changing events can make us stronger, help us grow and sometimes have an astonishing beautiful outcome.

That all points to the importance of living in the NOW; neither in the past nor in the future. Only in the NOW can we experience and CREATE HAPPY MOMENTS. And this gives us some control, at least over our very own happiness.

How can we achieve the goal of living in the present moment? There are so many tools like meditation, Qigong, EFT and so on.

Start your journey NOW 🙂 and don’t be afraid to ask for guidance!

Monika Lux

Monika's mission is to help people of all ages around the world to live their most extraordinary and fulfilling lives. Intuitive counseling and energy healing uses a combination of humanistic approaches combined with EFT Tapping, Expressive Arts Therapy, Narrative & Metaphorical Therapies, NLP and Systemic Constellations