Qigong an effective, evidence-based therapy that helps teens.

Qigong has been found to be an effective, evidence-based complementary therapy that helps teens and adolescents decrease negative mental health symptoms. Research shows that Qigong directly impacts anxiety, depression, stress, mood and self-esteem. In randomized controlled trials, anxiety decreased significantly for the participants who practiced Qigong compared to an active exercise group. Studies have also shown that people who practice Qigong reduced their depression symptoms significantly more than those who didn’t participate. In another study, Qigong decreased levels of circulating cortisol – which indicates stress — in participants who practiced Qigong, compared to a wait-list control group.

In today’s video, I want to show you the quickest way to release your anxiety and clear your mind. Qigong could be called a Moving Meditation, which focuses on breathing and inner images or metaphors. Many clients told me that they found cognitive-behavioral techniques like “restructuring” or “realistic thinking” just as stressful to do as mindfulness exercises like meditating or deep breathing. However, they all love my short easy-to-do Qigong exercises they can do with music. 3 minutes of body tapping, shaking, bouncing, pushing, releasing, and energetic cleansing.

Monika Lux

Monika's mission is to help people of all ages around the world to live their most extraordinary and fulfilling lives. Intuitive counseling and energy healing uses a combination of humanistic approaches combined with EFT Tapping, Expressive Arts Therapy, Narrative & Metaphorical Therapies, NLP and Systemic Constellations