Systemic Family Constellation Therapy



Systemic Family Constellation Therapy is a ground-breaking methodology to free clients from the damaging repetitive patterns, behaviours and emotions that are limiting your life in some way today and you have unconsciously taken on from your family system and/or the ancestral lineage.


Each of us carries with us the sum of the generations that came before us. Think of it as an emotional inheritance that spans generations. Unresolved energy or emotions from previous generations can create profound, persistent problems or conditions for members of succeeding generations as they attempt to solve the flow of love and energy through the family. The same love that creates emotional and energetic entanglements in family systems can heal when it becomes conscious.


Constellations shift the inner image we have been carrying of what happened to us and restore a new empowering image that settles in our soul and creates shifts in our lives sometimes instantly and others over time.